Dressy Pant Suits Are the Perfect Outfit to Wear to Weddings

Dressy Pant Suits Are the Perfect Outfit to Wear to Weddings

Dressy Pant Suits is One of the functions that all women have to attend at some time in their lives, and to which they

can now wear dressy pantsuits is a wedding. When attending a wedding in a pantsuit, you cannot wear your normal

business suit, as it will just not fly. Dressy pant suits for weddings are dressy because of the fabric, style and color. A

wedding is a glorious affair, and not normally a function to which one would wear black, although that seems to be fashion style and trends

more acceptable these days if I think of the Monaco Royal Wedding this year – there were a few women dressed in a

little black dress. Black is only acceptable though if it is a late afternoon wedding and the reception is going to be an

evening affair.

Navy, brown or grey are colors that definitely should be avoided for wedding suits, though, as they are seen to be

more corporate colors that women would wear to work and a wedding is a very special occasion. White should

generally be avoided, as it is the bride’s day and white is the usual color of the bridal gown. If it is a day wedding,

then light pastel colors are always a good choice and can be easily worn to an afternoon reception. Remember that

although you want to look good, dressy pantsuits should never be flashier than the bride’s outfit, so do not go

overboard with the jeweler.

Dressy Pant Suits


The perfect dressy pant suits

Match your outfit to the formality and social standing of the bride, and ensure that you are not dripping with

diamonds if the bride is wearing costume jeweler, which would be in bad taste and frowned upon by most people.

Fabrics that work well for pantsuits for weddings are Chiffon – a sheer fabric of silk or rayon, feminine, soft and

flowing, perfect for weddings. Satin – a completely satin suit is overdone, but hints of satin on the lapels, forming a

stripe down the pant leg or on the cuffs is very sensual. Linen – always looks good and is perfect for less formal and

daytime weddings Organza – a silken fabric that always looks and feels luxurious and elegant Velvet – suitable for

winter weddings.

Perfect Outfit to Wear

The fit of your pantsuit is always important, and never more so than if it is a pantsuit that you are going to be

wearing to a wedding or any other formal or semi-formal functions. It would not be seemly to arrive at a wedding or

any function looking unkempt, so try to ensure that you buy a pantsuit in a non-crease material. Also ensure that the

style of pantsuit is one that will flatter your figure, bringing out your good points and drawing one’s eyes away from

those that you do not want to be magnified or under scrutiny.The final word on dressy pantsuits is that no matter

how flashy or expensive the pantsuit if it is not comfortable for you to wear then it is not the right pantsuit for you to


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